Pregnancy Yoga

7.30pm - 8.45pm

Practising yoga during pregnancy gives women a fuller understanding of their own body and the changes taking place because an awareness of the body is being developed through the asana practice, through pranayama and through meditation. Yoga gives women the self-knowledge to take control of their labour, to actually experience it rather than see it as something they need to get through and to approach it with less apprehension. And beyond that it prepares them for becoming a mother. The classes are a nurturing environment which include asana (postures) to strengthen and build stamina, breath work (pranayama), meditation and a long delicious relaxation.

£15 per session or 6 classes for £60

Level: Suitable for women from their second trimester of pregnancy.

Location: Hoadly Road, Streatham, SW16


Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Vinyasa Flow Yoga is defined as a type of yoga that consists of a series of poses executed in swift succession combined with deep controlled breathing. Vinyasa is defined as the movement in between the poses. On Siobhan’s return from India where she was fortunate enough to study, she chose to create classes that suited her individual style. Her classes are flowing and fun as she places emphasis on movement, breath and concentration.

£13 per session or 6 classes for £60

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Location: Hoadly Road, Streatham, SW16

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Marie tay // Pregnancy yoga TEACHER

Marie originally trained in India with The Yoga People in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow and Rocket. Following a year of teaching in and around London as well as assisting The Yoga People on their London trainings, she set off for Bali to train in Yin Yoga, Taoist Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong with Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burlier, which revolutionised her own practice and teaching. She then completed her training in Pre and Postnatal Yoga with Yoga London whilst pregnant with her second child and has been teaching pregnant yogis around London ever since. She is passionate about yoga within her local community and believes yoga should be for everyone. She has worked closely with The Special Yoga Foundation, who bring yoga to children with special needs, teaches local OAP's and she is keen to introduce yoga within the local prison system to aid rehabilitation back into the community.

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Siobhan Power // vinyasa FLOW Yoga TEACHER

Siobhan's passion for yoga started 8 years ago after attending regular classes in her hometown Johannesburg, South Africa. She experienced the life changing benefits and decided that she wanted to teach yoga to children and adults. She later pursued her dream of going to India and received classical training from Ganga Devi of the Himalayan Yoga Institute. She's done various trainings in Vinyasa Flow Yoga which is the style in which she conducts her classes. Her classes are dynamic, yet playful and flowing, placing emphasis on concentration and breath. Yoga has taught her that with self-love, compassion and the ability to not take life too seriously, she's capable of anything, and this is what she hopes to pass on to her students.