3 Week Yoga Detox Course
to Jan 24

3 Week Yoga Detox Course

  • 43 Hoadly Road London, England, SW16 United Kingdom (map)
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Whether you've overindulged during the festive season or would just like a fresh start to the New Year, come and readdress the balance within your bodies, minds and spirits with our 3 week Yoga Detox Course.

Week 1: We willl begin the class by setting our intentions for the year. We will focus on twists and forward bends: when we incorporate twists into our practice we allow our bodies natural internal detox system to switch on. Imagine ringing out a wet towel, the water being our indulgences over the festive season, this is what we will be doing internally when twisiting. To be served with a complimentary herbal tea.


Week 2: This class will be a yin/yang practice. We will start to incorporate strength training into the class with some vinyasas and then the second part of the class will be a more nurturing practice focusing on hip and shoulder openers leaving the body and mind feeling ready to face 2017. Complimentary herbal tea to be served afterwards.


Week 3: This class will allow for unfurling as we now have gained strength and stamina from our previous class. We will incorporate more vinyasa and now start to introduce backbends and easy inversions. By working into our backbends we allow ourselves to let go of anger and by working on inversions we face our fears head on. This class will allow the clients to gain confidence and inner stregnth. Complimentary herbal tea offered.

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Healthy Mama Meets
7:30 PM19:30

Healthy Mama Meets

  • Rechere's Health Education and Wellbeing Centre (map)
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Join us for a cup of tea and an informative talk from specialists within the mother and baby sector. Whether you are pregnant or postnatal, our guest speakers provide services that can help you to optimise your health and wellbeing throughout your transition into motherhood.

7.30pm Meet & greet, refreshments, introduction to Mother Nature Recipes and the guest speakers.
7.40pm Talk by Chiropractic by Hand, specialist in antenatal, postnatal and paediatric care.
8.05pm Talk by Anyone EveryMum who host supportive spaces for mums to express themselves and have a creative outlet.
8.30pm  Talk by The Birth Guru, a Hypnobirthing instructor who is also currently training to become a midwife.
8.55pm  Talk by Bubbaclub who perform baby massage, baby yoga and children's first aid.

Goody bag giveaway as a special thank you for attending!

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