Say Hello to the Power that is Siobhan

Yoga asks for you to become mentally, emotionally and physically in tune with yourself, but to truly get the most out of it I think its just as important to have a connection with or understanding of your teacher. So ladies, please say hello to Siobhan, my incredible Vinyasa flow teacher and find out what motivates her to help others.


WHAT YOU DO: I try to ensure that I get a daily practice even if it is for only 30 mins. I initially start off doing breathing exercises (pranayama) and I then move onto sun salutations to warm up and then do a flow incorporating the poses that I am focusing on at that time. At the moment I am into my handstands and forearm balances. These are more difficult poses for me so when I want to have an easier practice I work on backbends as they come quite easy to me.


WHY YOU DO IT: Daily yoga and pranayama practice really helps me to relax and remain calm throughout the day. It has worked wonders on my anxiety and I find that I really feel the difference when I miss a day or two. By practicing in the morning I have a calm, worry free and happy day.


HOW LONG: Ideally I would like to practice for 1.5 hours everyday but often I have to cut that down to 2x 30mins a day due a hectic schedule. I also have wonderful teachers that I go to three or four times a week which are some of my weekly highlights.


FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: I have so many but currently I am working on my inversions. Inversions can really give you a different perspective as well as allow you to trust yourself more.


HOBBIES: Belly dancing, or any dancing, horse-riding, playing the clarinet, hiking, traveling, eating, yoga.


BENEFITS OF YOGA: The greatest one of all is falling in love with yourself. Self love, self care. Opening your mind and heart, and then of course there are the physical benefits which are endless. Flexibility, stretching, strengthening, balancing endocrine system, balancing circulation… I could go on.


POSITIONS PEOPLE CAN DO OVER XMAS WHILE WE'RE CLOSED: I would suggest doing sun salutations to warm you up and then work on hip and shoulder openers. The festive season can be a very stressful time and it's important to take time out doing yoga and getting away from it all. Hip openers such as half shoelace and full shoelace, pigeon pose. Shoulder openers are most poses with clasping hands behind back. A great one to do would be locust. Also work into all your warriors to maintain strength and grounding during the festive season.


EASY POSITIONS FOR PEOPLE TO DO TO EASE THEM BACK INTO HEALTHIER REGIME: Restorative poses will be perfect for easing yourself back into a healthier regime. Try to do a lot of floor work and incorporate bridge and supine twist into your flow. Now is a good time to ask father Christmas for some straps and then lying on your back work into your hamstrings by using the straps.


Please find below images of yoga poses you can perform from home to maintain strength and help keep you limber throughout the indulgent Christmas period!  From the Mother Nature's Recipes team, we wish you all a very happy holiday break!