Naturally Made for Mother Nature's Recipes


I'm what some may call the complete opposite of a social butterfly, since my school days I've had anxiety at the mere thought of public speaking, the notion of networking events is usually met with an awkwardness that would put Mr Bean to shame. But as I slowly transition into fitting in my big girl shoes I find myself growing, trusting myself with the knowledge that I'm capable of all that I set in my sights.

I do however, love meeting people who are in the same self-employed boat as I am and speak about what they do and all they want to achieve with such vivacity that I'm nearly jumping out of my seat. In my quest to find a brand to use for the Home Spa Beauty Therapy service soon to be launching, I came across a woman who met this description and much more. Her name is Kadifa Jones, owner of the award winning Naturally Made For You body care range. I had previously received some samples of her absolutely lush products and was hooked on the smell alone. From Tahitian Coconut Oil to Pink Himalayan Salt Body Polish I was in heaven and just had to have a meeting with her.

So, I found myself in Pret with a uncompromising toddler on the loose, who seemed to get away with attacking EVERY SINGLE packet of crisps on display by flashing the staff a smile every now and again (if only adults could get away with the same)? In walks Kadifa who greets me with a goodie bag filled to the brim of her products! I felt so embarrassed that I had nothing to offer her, was a toss up between a box of Organix raisins and a pack of Pampers baby wipes! The point is I was overwhelmed by her generosity.

We felt each other out and completely found that our ambitions and passions aligned which is something so rare when meeting new people. She was completely understanding of my sons intermittent shrieking at being strapped into his buggy to end his attack on Pret which won me over even more so.

I had pretty much decided I would be using her products exclusively from the offset but I left that meeting empowered by the fact that the person behind the brand was just like me. It was then I knew that we wouldn't just have a supplier and customer relationship, but something much more...