My baby is finally here!


Whilst the physical design of the website has been executed pretty swiftly by the incredible Michaela Olexova, I feel as though I've been travelling towards this moment for over a decade. Throughout my life I've been haunted by the feeling that something is missing, never knowing what or why. This journey I've embarked upon, having my son, feeling hopeless and inspired all at the same time in the aftermath, it has all been building to this point of me finding my purpose in life. Creating something that is mine out of an experience so wonderful and being able to touch others who are still travelling on their way to resolution.

When Michaela sent me the first draft of the website, I burst into tears on the phone, unable to hold back how overwhelmed I felt at her ability to create something so beautiful that I could never quite visualise for myself. She was able to build something so wonderful because she believed in the entire ethos of Mother Nature's Recipes and for me that's the greatest part of it all. 

So I want to take this time to reflect and thank those that deserve it. Thank you Michaela for all of your effort, commitment and love, thank you to my parents and two older brothers, Owen and Ciaran for not even knowing 100% what I'm trying to achieve but still just believing in little old me. Thank you to the Oli Bennett Charitable Trust, in particular Joy Bennett, for that phone call and allowing me to express enough passion for you to lend your support.

There are no words to explain how I feel for the future.